Where did all these hysterical historic nuts come from?

. Just listen to the stupid things these control freaks come out with, anyone with a lick of sense can see they are nothing but a nuisance and cause more harm than any good. . It seems their main goal is to harass you and create such a hassle that most just say screw it and lets things go.

After a long cold winter here in Madison, nothing warms the heart like the first signs of spring. Spring is a time to pack up the old, usher in the new, kick off the snow boots, and slip on the work gloves. If the warm weather has you itching to spruce up around your property, fix things up, and repair the winter damage; beware of the hysterical and nutty historic control freaks.

They are out in force trying to stop you from sprucing up your own property - bear in mind it is you who pays the taxes and mortgage and own the property but the hysteria's seem to think it belongs to them.

All across the nation cities are wanting their Main Streets and downtown areas to come back alive - but not here in this hole in the wall hysterical town .

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