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Madison is located in the triangle formed by Indianapolis, Indiana, Louisville, Kentucky, and Cincinnati, Ohio known as the "Golden Triangle" because of its unique combination of economic potential and attractive life style. There are nearly five million people seated on our Historic Madison doorstep.

We offer more open space for recreation than any other area in the Midwest, ranging from the Ohio River and large reservoirs to diversified State and private recreation areas offering camping, hiking, fishing, hunting and golf, plus Madison has its Old River town atmosphere, its paddle wheel boats that stop on our riverfront, its old unique buildings and a Main Street that is unlike anywhere else.

We have the opportunity to be the largest tourist attraction in this region of the country if not the entire Mid-West. Madison an 18th Century style attraction featuring grand homes, old commercial buildings on Main Street, and a scenic riverfront with steamboats stopping by in the summer. Downtown Madison could be the most sought after premier destination anywhere.

What holds us back? We have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars doing worthless studies, which have come up with nothing. Linda, Annie and her gang, the Chamber gang, City/County Government and MIDCOR continue to take us backward instead of forward. Take a look around us; look at Nashville Indiana, in Vevay they built a casino in the middle of a corn field, in KY they built a race track in the middle of a cow pasture and the roads could not handle the traffic.

Okay so what do we do to make Madison the Hot Spot of the Middle West?. We hide our visitors center and spend our tourism dollars on a new castle for Linda. We pay salaries to people who know nothing about tourism or marketing Madison to the rest of the world. Maybe, we could just do another worthless study or perhaps we buy another worthless piece of dirt for the already shovel ready MIDCOR park.

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